Diploma 2

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  1. Visual 1

    View of the Planetarium from the upper deck.
  2. Visual 2

    An concept visual showing the atmosphere within the building during the winter solstice
  3. The Golden Triangle Entrance

    This image is showing the building proportions as mathematics are closely linked the astronomy.
  4. Orientation

    This image is showing the buildings orientation in relation to the astronomical events such as the solstices and the Equinox
  5. 3D Visual

    Visual looking north towards the observatory.
  6. Detail Drawing

    Detail drawing showing a section through the Planetarium. Drawing produced with AutoCad.
  7. Detail Drawing

    Close up detail of planetarium facade system

Diploma 1 Athens Project

Images of fixed dimensions
  1. Concept

    Concept came from the site constraints and the genius loci in which the site was located in.
  2. 3D map of the site

    Site location
  3. Visual

    Visual of the entrance
  4. Visual

    Visual of the central court yard
  5. Building Construction detail

    3D construction detail
  6. Visual

    View towards important landmarks in a Athens

Diploma 1 Modular railway station

Images of fixed dimensions
  1. Visual

    Modular trainstation design